Christmas is upon us in the language-learning world

Since Christmas is fast approaching, I would like you to read one of my blog posts about Rosetta Stone, which is a language-learning software for polyglots and enthusiasts like us.

I've had the opportunity to try different levels of several languages, and I thought that maybe it would make a good Christmas present for either yourself or someone close to you who is a future polyglot.

Adopt A New Foreign Word (or Three) Part 1

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 Have you always wanted a pet? Did you get a Tamagochi when you were a kid? Are you a fan of Pok√©mon?
Chances are you fit into one of these descriptions. I think most language learners do. We are word hoarders.
We like having new, shiny things to play with.

However, sometimes you keep forgetting words. What could you do to memorize them better?
Adopt a new word.

You have several options (some aren't for the faint-hearted):
1. Get a tattoo
Kanji tattoos are all the rage so maybe now is the time to get one. Choose a character you like, but keep forgetting. I think wrist kanji tattoos are pretty common, and quite elegant too.
Looking at the character and caring for your new tattoo is sure to be a memorable experience, and you get to spread the word: yes, you're learning Japanese. Yes, you like it (it doesn't matter if you aren't Asian.)
I'd recommend getting it inked in black because the ink used for kanji is black... and black can be easily lasered out if you ever want to get rid of the kanji.

2. Write a new word on your body every day
This is a less hardcore version of tip 1.
I suggest getting a surgical pen or pens used in make-up so that you don't get ink poisoning (writing on your skin with a biro or a felt-tip pen can be dangerous).
If you don't have any of these tools at your disposal, write your foreign word with a felt-tip pen for kids.
These should be really safe because children like to draw on themselves. Make sure the ink is washable (you can always use rubbing alcohol if it just won't come off.)

This is the end of Part 1. I hope you're enjoying this quirky series!
Showing other people that you like languages can help you make many friends.
Consider adopting a neglected, unloved word for a day or two.