Become Fluent in a Foreign Language: Record the World Around You!

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 If you go abroad, don't make the same mistake I did. Sure, if you go to Spain, taking Spanish courses may help. That being said, do you know that there are things you can do besides taking Spanish courses to learn the language for free?
Don't forget to bring something to record native speakers with!

That way, you can make your own foreign languages tapes for free.

Nowadays, almost every cell phone and mp3 player have recording capabilities. If you're thinking of buying a digital recorder, there are several things to consider:

1.Size: You want to be able to carry your device with you at all times, so the smaller, the better.

2. Microphones: Having the option to plug an external microphone into a jack is nice when you want to get better sound quality. If you want to record Spanish courses for example, ask permission first.

3. Storage size: Try to get a device that can store dozens of hours of audio, as opposed to a cheap recorder that can only store a couple of hours.

4. Format of the recordings: Buy a digital recorder whose default recording format is mp3. Wav files are way too bulky!

You will want to transfer all of these files to your computer or laptop right after you've recorded something interesting. You could also record your “foreign language tapes” directly onto your computer or laptop.

If you are recording something directly onto your computer, you can use Garageband on a Mac or you can download Audacity for free if you're using a PC or some other kind of OS.

Audacity is a great program, because you can slow down recordings and cut them up into small parts that are easier to listen to. Now, you can make your own Spanish courses for free! How awesome is that?

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