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About Me

I am a young woman who loves to learn languages. I am a graduate student majoring in English. I am fluent in both French and English. I have studied Italian and German in the past but I don't actively use these languages anymore.
 I know some Spanish and minored in Chinese when I was in first year.

 Languages I've studied for less than a week include Turkish, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Tagalog, Dutch, Arabic, Korean...
My advice: Focus on one language only, or you will waste a lot of time!

I hope the tips I provide on this blog will help a lot of people with their language-learning goals.
I'll deal with grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, accent, memorization...

Anyone can learn French/English/Japanese/[insert foreign language here].
You just have to believe in yourself!
That's why I might write some motivational posts too from time to time.
Language-learning is similar to sport or any other hobby. You need to devote some time to it to reap the rewards!
If you want to travel, knowing the local tongue is always a plus.

 Nowadays you can learn anything for free on the internet. Don't forget to use all the resources that you have at your disposal. You probably already have access to foreign channels on your TV and to a local library.

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