Why Is Listening Important? Become Fluent in Your Target Language Fast!

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Listening to your target language is very important. You should listen to the language you're studying every day if you want to become fluent. How do you expect to be able to watch TV if you never watch Japanese or Chinese shows? If you never listen to the radio in French, guess what? You'll never be able to understand the news in French. You need to immerse yourself in the language like a baby. This way, you'll get used to the sound of your second language.

I suggest you use Google to find radio stations that you can listen to while you're using the computer.
Do it right now. Open a new tab and search "Chinese radio stations" or "Japanese radio stations"!
If you're learning Spanish, you can google "escuchar la musica" or something similar. Youtube is a great resource to find resources in your target language.