Why Rosetta Stone Rocks

Affiliate disclosure: After trying out several Rosetta Stone products, I've decided to talk about their software here. Any Amazon link (affiliate link) on this website and blog post will earn me a commission if you buy an item on Amazon after clicking my affiliate link. 

I know, some people say Rosetta Stone (get a good deal on it here on Amazon) can be quite boring to use. Well, they don't know what they're talking about and haven't explored the software in depth.
For starters, Rosetta Stone helps you acquire natural-sounding pronunciation in your target language. Speaking exercises, even in front of a computer, are always very useful!

You won't be judged by a native speaker. If your computer doesn't understand you the first few times when you repeat a word, it's no big deal. Just try again until you pass the exercise.
I've yet to find a native speaker who is as patient as Rosetta Stone when correcting my faulty pronunciation...

For harder languages or difficult sounds such as the "rolled/trilled" R in Spanish or Japanese's "robotic" sounds or Chinese tones, not to mention that tricky French R and those nasal sounds, having a personal tutor at your disposal any day of the week is very important.

Moreover, Rosetta Stone is based on repetition. Repetition is the name of the game when you want to learn languages. Each vocabulary word is associated with a beautiful picture, which is a nice bonus.
The grammar exercises are a godsend for beginners. There are five levels for most languages, so this language-learning method will keep you occupied for a few months at the very least.
And re-doing lessons from time to time is instrumental to your success.

If you don't have much time to dedicate to language learning and want someone to pave the road for you, consider using Rosetta Stone. Click on the link to see if you can get a good price on it on Amazon. Such quality software is worth mentioning on a language blog.
And why not shop around for more language learning material while you're at it?

You won't have to look for that perfect grammar book or pay an expensive tutor anymore, especially not if you're a beginner. You'll get vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation exercises along with colorful images to help you jog your memory whenever a word is hard to remember.

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