Learn a Foreign Language Fast: Memorize These Phrases and Start Speaking Italian Today!

I started studying Italian almost ten years ago, but I gave up on learning this beautiful language because I was too busy.
I want to be at an intermediate level by the end of the year. That's why I'm going to post new Italian vocabulary on a regular basis. I hope that you will start learning Italian too, and that you will enjoy studying this beautiful language as much as I do.
Learning a foreign language fast is easier than you think. Thanks to the internet, you can find free courses in a matter of minutes.
Here is a vocabulary list I made. Please check out my article about flash cards if you need help memorizing foreign language vocabulary.

Buongiorno  Hello
Arrivederci Goodbye
Come stai? How are you?
Come sta? How are you? (more polite)
Per favore Please
Grazie/ Grazie mille Thank you
Prego You're welcome
Bene, grazie I'm fine, thank you
Non mi sento bene I don't feel welll
Parla inglese? Do you speak English?
Piacere di conoscerti/ Piacere di conoscerLa Pleased to meet you (the second phrase is more polite)
Scusi Sorry
Mi chiamo My name is
Sono inglese/ francese I'm English/ French
Non capisco I don't understand
Puoi ripetere? Can you repeat?
A presto! See you soon!
A piĆ¹ tardi! See you later!
Ciao Hi/ Bye!
Fantastico! Great!

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