How to Find Penpals/Language Exchange Partners/Foreign Friends on the Internet (All Foreign Languages) Part 1

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I'm going to give you advice so that you can find new foreign friends on the internet. Finding a penpal is important if you want to improve your linguistics skills. 1. Try to find specific social networks that are used by people who speak your target language Not everybody uses Facebook. Register on new social websites in order to find language exchange partners. Be honest in your profile--say that you're looking for new friends so that you can learn a language and discover another culture. E-mail members regularly and you might just form new friendships! Of course, never tell people where you live, and avoid giving your phone number because it's possible to track you with it if you don't use a disposable phone.  

2. Once you're a member of the social network, visit the links people post on their walls Leave friendly comments on members' walls and you will soon find a new pen-pal. Don't be shallow though--leaving a short comment is okay as long as you mean what you've written. However, if you're a beginner, just saying "Great find! Thank you for sharing this link! Can I add you to my friends?" is okay. You will soon have many international friends. You can also ask the member if they speak another language, if they like foreign languages/traveling... Don't be shy! See you in part 2!