Bad Reasons Not to Learn a Foreign Language Such As Chinese

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“Chinese is too hard!” Well, yeah…it can be, if you approach language learning with a bad attitude, or if you have the wrong learning tools. Taking Chinese lessons can help you a great deal. You also need discipline to learn a foreign language.
Anything worth learning takes time, practice and perseverance. But remember, knowledge is power and in tomorrow’s world, you may just need to know Chinese if you want to land your dream job.

“It’s a useless language—we live in an English-speaking world.”  Guess what? Chinese people have learned English, and they've learned it well. More employers today are looking for bilingual or multilingual job candidates. Learning Chinese will help you make new friends and facilitate your business relationships.

Chinese is the second most spoken language in the world. It is used in most Asian countries and growing in use in the U.S. If you ever plan to travel to an Asian country or study abroad, you will need to know at least enough Chinese to get by. 
If you don’t, how will you know what to order when you're eating out, where the nearest gas station is, and what to pay for your purchases or services? Do you really plan on relying solely on English?

“I don’t even know where to learn Chinese anyway.” With little effort involved on your part, you can access good information on learning Chinese either online or within your community. There are many excellent teaching sources online. 

You can also find Chinese lessons for free online. If you're looking for Chinese courses, I recommend you check out ChinesePod. With some help from your favorite search engine, you can find at least one or two web sites dedicated to Chinese courses and that are catered to your needs.  
Once you have begun taking your Chinese lessons, seek out other language learners who are interested in Chinese and practice your skills with them.

It is desirable and commendable to be bilingual, so start learning Chinese today!

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