Learning German by Studying the Language for Ten Minutes a Day: My New Challenge!

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I'm going to study German every day for about a month. Today was my first day. I managed to complete the first lesson of the 101 German course I found on Livemocha. Ten minutes is an incredibly long time!
I didn't expect to get so much done on my first day. I learned how to say things like "How are you?" ("Wie geht es dir?") and basic sentences which will be useful if I ever need to ask for directions like "Where is..." ("Wo ist...?")

I did study German in the past, but I didn't really enjoy it. This time, I hope to get something out of the hours of studying I'm going to put in this month.
Five hours over a month isn't much, but I bet that I'll learn more by being a tortoise and taking in slow than by learning German for a week and then giving up.

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