Become Fluent in a Foreign Language Fast: Start Using Flash Cards to Learn Vocabulary!

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Flash cards are really important when you study a language. Do you already have a vocabulary deck?

If you have your deck of flash cards, you will want to learn all the words that it contains by heart. If you don't know how to become fluent by learning vocabulary, it's okay. Here's how:
1. Take a little stack of flash cards and read the English side of the first card.
2. Think hard and try to translate the word into your native language.
3. If you find the translation quickly enough, put the word in the "known words" box.
4. If you can't remember how to said the word in your target language, put the card in the "unknown words" box.
5. You can use more boxes if it helps you study your language, but keeping it simple is often better. You either know the vocabulary, or you don't!
6. Learn more words everyday, make some flash cards, and go over the words that are in the red box from time to time.
7. Try to use your new vocabulary regularly in e-mails and in conversation so that you memorize it faster.

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