Become Fluent in a Foreign Language Fast: Start Reading Comic Books!

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When someone thinks about comic books, they probably don't take into account the amount of words that each page contains. Reading a comic book is a golden opportunity to learn vocabulary in a foreign language.
Most people think comic books are for kids and that they are a waste of time for adults. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I have been a comic book buff since I was a child. I've learned many of the words I know in comic books such as Mickey Mouse.

Comic books are a great place to start if you want to acquire more vocabulary. I vividly remember not knowing a particular word. I couldn't infer its meaning from the context. A dictionary proved invaluable.

Learning new words from comic books entails very little work. You have to know how to use a dictionary and a thesaurus, and you need the desire to find out what that word you don't understand means.

The accumulation of words through reading can help you perform better in school, so crack that comic book open today!

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