Using Your MP3 Player to Learn Chinese and to Become Fluent in the Language Fast Part 1

Audio programs to learn Chinese are now available for download. These programs makes it possible to acquire a second language while leading a busy life.
When you're walking to work, sitting in your car or standing in line, you can whip out your mp3 player and study your foreign language. What an easy way to learn Chinese!

No matter what you want to learn, there are valuable resources available for download. Some lessons include everything you need—the pronunciation of the words, vocabulary, short exercises, and little skits that will help you memorize expressions. 

Some websites also offer daily MP3 broadcasts, also called podcasts, in Chinese. You will be able to listen to new lessons every day. You should practice the vocabulary of the lessons if you want to become fluent in Chinese. Best of all, it costs absolutely nothing. 

You can also download authentic conversations in Chinese if you are at a more advanced level. Consider buying talking dictionaries to become fluent in Chinese. They contain a myriad of entries and will help you memorize vocabulary.