Choose Which Foreign Language to Learn in Five Steps

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1. Pick a language that sounds nice. Don't learn a language that grates on your ears! For example, I would never learn Japanese because I don't like high-pitched voices. However, Turkish and German sound nicer in my opinion.

2. If you want your language journey to be both pleasant and useful, don't choose a language that doesn't exist! Seriously, don't bother learning Esperanto, or worse, Klingon. You won't be able to monetize it once you've mastered it.

3. Take some time to look at your family tree. If you have Spanish origins, consider studying Spanish so that you can communicate with your relatives in their native language.

4. If you're a student, pick a language that will help you obtain your degree. I know that school isn't fun, but you have to study if you want to get a good job. Why not study something that you like, such as Chinese?

5. If you really don't know which language to choose, don't worry. Just flip a coin or something. I'm serious—as long as you're motivated, you *will* become fluent. If you're American, I'd recommend you study either Spanish or French. Both of these languages are widely spoken and useful.

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