Why Sticky Notes Are Useful for Learning Foreign Languages

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Sticky notes (or Post-Its) are useful for learning foreign languages because you can stick them everywhere. I suggest you cover your walls with them if you want to learn your new language fast!
Draw on them, write sentences and cool words on them, and replace them often.
If you haven't made new ones lately, move around the old sticky notes so that your eyes don't get accustomed to seeing them in the same place.
If you like lying on your bed, you could also invest in a poster for your ceiling.
Sticking notes onto your computer is also a good idea if you use the internet a lot.
Use sticky notes to review difficult words, especially the ones that you always fail to remember when you're going over your flash cards.

It's okay if you don't have Post-its: just take a piece of paper and some sticky tape. I suggest you decorate the fridge and/or the bathroom mirror to start!

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