Speak a New Language Fluently Today: Start Using DVDs! Part 1

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Have you watched any movies recently? I'm pretty sure you just answered "yes" to that question. You probably watched the movie you're thinking about in your native language. Now, this is a bit of a problem if you are currently studying a foreign language such as Chinese, Japanese, or French.
Why are you depriving yourself of a golden opportunity to become bilingual?

What golden opportunity, you say?

Well, chances are your DVD is in several languages. Maybe you don't know this, but most DVDs nowadays are playable in a myriad of languages. Most movies are usually available in English, French, German, Spanish, and sometimes even Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, or Arabic.

If you live in Spain and usually buy Spanish DVDs, your DVD will most likely contain both the English audio and Spanish audio of the movie.

One of the best ways to start learning a language is to watch one of your favorite movie in your NATIVE language with... foreign subtitles. Read the subtitles carefully while you watch the movie for the first time.
Then, do the opposite. Watch the movie in your foreign language with subtitles in your native language.
See you soon for more tips to learn vocabulary with DVDs!