Start Using DVDs to Learn Your Foreign Language: Part 3

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This series on DVDs and foreign languages isn't over yet!
Where can you find DVDs? I suggest you check out your local Amazon website. Amazon is usually really cheap. You should probably buy used DVDs instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars for a new box set.
I recommend picking easy and interesting movies to start with. Movies made by Disney are pretty good, and most of them (though not all of them) are non-violent. Watching Disney movies is a great way to get better at your favorite foreign language!

I recommend Cars, Ice Age, Madagascar, and their sequels. Tarzan is also pretty interesting, but targeted at younger customers.

You should also check out your local library. Some good libraries (not all libraries offer this service) let you borrow DVDs, and even CDs. My local library lets me borrow 2 DVDs and 2 CDs for three weeks. I had to pay a subscription fee to get my library card, but that's to be expected.
Be careful, though. Make sure the DVDs you give back to the library are in perfect condition, or else they'll suspend your subscription!

Happy language learning!