How to Find Penpals/Language Exchange Partners/Foreign Friends on the Internet (All Foreign Languages) Part 2

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I hope you're enjoying this mini-series of articles! 3. Visit blogs which are in the foreign language you're learning and leave comments Try to find blogs which are either just starting out (you could befriend the owner of the blog) or popular already (many potential language exchange partners are visiting the blog!). Look for blog directories that are in the language you're learning. You could also ask your social networks friends for blog recommendations! Leave a few friendly comments and give out an email address. This email address will likely get spam but that's fine, the important thing is that you find a foreign friend! 4. Exploit the power of YouTube in your target language Look for nice videos that are in the foreign language you're learning and start interacting with people that way. Ask them for more video recommendations, post video responses... This is one of the best methods to make foreign friends if you aren't shy! Don't hesitate to ask your new language friends for corrections. In order to become fluent, you will need help from native speakers at some point.