I'm a Beginner Language Learner: What Should I Watch? Everything Is Too Difficult For Me! Part 1

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What should you watch when you're a beginner language learner? When you're a beginner and you're just starting to immerse yourself in a foreign language, you will soon realize that there's a big difference between watching TV in your native language and in Japanese/French/Italian/Spanish. I'm aware of this because there are still American shows that I don't understand perfectly. That being said, I don't always understand French TV perfectly either! Some TV shows have bad audio, and even if my hearing is good (I got it tested), I just can't stand bad audio quality. Usually, if you don't understand a particular movie or show, it's because of the slang the actors use. Becoming fluent in a language is a great experience and you will be able to understand lots of material very well if you work hard... but slang is really hard to master, even in your native language! I highly recommend you give shows for toddlers a chance, at least for a while. You can learn a lot of things by watching Teletubbies or Dora the Explorer. Even if can only stomach a few hours of shows for kids, you will have learned a lot, trust me.