I'm a Beginner Language Learner: What Should I Watch? Everything Is Too Difficult! Part 2

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This is the second part of the article. Please check out the first part too! Once you've watched a few shows for young children, it's time to graduate to show for teens or shows which deal with your favorite hobby. For example, if you like sports, watch a few matches/games. After watching ten baseball games in a foreign language, you will start to memorize the important vocabulary for that sport. Concentrate on a single topic for some time. Don't hesitate to use a dictionary if there are words don't understand. Using tools such as dictionaries will expedite the language-learning process. I also recommend you read the news from time to time. Websites such as the BBC are a gold mine for English learners. Find the equivalent of the BBC or NPR in your target language. News bulletins usually contain common words, no slang, and some of them can be particularly interesting, especially tabloids if you're into gossiping. May your language-learning goals become a reality!