Are You a Beginner Language Learner? Here's What to Do!

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I try to write comprehensible blog posts but most of my visitors probably have never learned a language before.
Fear not: you've learned and mastered your native language, so you are able to learn a foreign language.

Most of the people who are disabled and thus see the world a bit differently and have some learning difficulties can become bilingual. No matter who you are, you can learn a language to fluency.
Second language acquisition isn't rocket science, thankfully!

I guess language-learning is a bit like playing a sport. If you want to attack the other team, you need a plan. You also have to work on specific elements of your game to get better = you need to set some goals for yourself. If you are good at dribbling (using vocabulary about yourself and your family), try to dribble around some cones without touching them (make some sentences with your newly learned foreign vocabulary).
Try to find some beginner content to start with. I will be suggesting material on this blog at some point.

I hope you like these language-learning tips!
And don't forget: setting your goal is the hardest part. Decide what you want to work on and memorizing vocabulary or finding time to listen to the radio will become easier. Share this page on social networks such as Digg or Stumbleupon if you like it! The social media icons are below "Share this page" on the right-hand side of the blog. It only takes a couple of minutes!

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