Find Motivation to Learn a Foreign Language: Write to Your Future Fluent/Bilingual Self!

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Most of us need this precious resource that we call "motivation" on a daily basis. I'm sure you sometimes feel like you will never be able to learn another language. That's not true! You can do anything you put your mind to, especially learning a foreign language. But maybe you don't believe in yourself (yet). That's fine. Get a piece of paper and write a letter to your future bilingual self. Write all the things you want to be able to say in the foreign language. Write the number of foreign friends you will have when you're fluent in Chinese/Japanese/Spanish/French. Write how good it feels to finally be able to communicate using another writing system/other sounds/other words. Congratulate yourself on your progress. I know this might sound silly but your brain will slowly get used to the idea of becoming fluent in another language if you give it positive thoughts to feed on. Being positive + studying a foreign language everyday= Guaranteed fluency!
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